Rohru is a town and a municipal committee in Shimla district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a town located at the banks of Pabbar River and it is about 115 kilometres away from Shimla city. Rohru is also famous for trout fishing. The hatchery is situated at Dhamwari, 25 km upstream of Rohru town.

Rohru is very popular for its High Quality Apple production. The production of Apples on the whole is maximum here as compared to any other Apple production area. The Apples are exported to the different parts of the country and to the other countries as well.

Rohru, Jubbal and Kothkhai are the highest Apple production valleys its covers more than the half of apple production in Remaining Himachal. This Rohru-Hatkoti-Jubbal-Kothkhai belt is popularly known as "APPLE VALLEY" or " GOLDEN BELT" in Himachal and India. From some parts of Apple Valley the Apples are directly exported or provided to some popular juice making Companies in India and world. Rohru is also popular for high per capital income and high standard of living of the people.

Rohru also has a number of Offices of Himachal Government and has a weekly session of Shimla High Court as well once in a week. Initially Rohru was a part of Bhushar State and after that it has been declared as an individual Tehsil by Himachal Government And also having a National Level Cricket Stadium at the Bank of River Shikari.