The Nagar Panchayat Rohru was constituted in March 1978 with an area of 1.28 Sq.kms. As per census year 2011, town has seven wards accommodating population of 6,875 persons. On an average population in each ward are around 982 persons. Besides, there are 1652 households; therefore, on an average household size is 4.2 persons. As per state level Urban Statistics, 2013, Rohru town is most densely populated town of the state with a density of 6425 persons/ Rohru is one of the fast growing and over active town in the Shimla District. In order to cater and manage critical urban issues, the Nagar Panchayat was upgraded to the level of Municipal Council on 25.11.2009 and provided with adequate technical manpower and resources for ensuring efficient urban management and sustainable development of Rohru town

S.NO.NameDesignationContact No.
1 Sh. Chetan Chauhan President MC Rohru Off.Tel. No. 01781-240425
Mob. 9069800001
2 Miss Surekha Azad Vice. President 86280-63006
3 Smt. Usha Sharma Ward Member 98058-67304
4 Smt. Ambika Bhranta Ward Member 78078-30034
5 Sh. Sujay Agarwal Ward Member 98167-12000
6 Sh. Ashok Chauhan Ward Member 94180-83847
7 Sh. Jitender Chauhan Ward Member 91291-00016