Welcome to Rohru


Sh. Chetan Chauhan
MC Rohru
Sh. Anubhav Sharma
Executive Officer
MC Rohru

In order to fulfill the aims and objective of development community development is mandatory. Thus we at MC Rohru always strive towards encouraging the citizens towards literacy and development . We are always focused towards citizen centric service and providing better livelihood. My personal interest is focused towards the overall development of schemes related to the youth and female members of the society. At the administrative level the local self government is the closest to the community citizens . Thus we would request all our citizens of Rohru town to join hands with us in improving our town and making it a better place to live at.

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody. Efficient public service delivery, improving quality of life and building strong partnerships with different stake holders in city will be my key focus . Technology is future of tomorrow and we shall strive to include it in our governance processes. Sustainable urbanization and quality life will be key focus areas which will be my key focus.